Mehmet Geren is a 3D Artist Based in Turkey.

WITH More than 15 years experience with Digital Art, He specializes in Graphic Design and 3D Art. He began his career in Fashion Photography / Retouching and PRINTABLE collage arts, eventually shifting his focus towards AUDIOVISUALS and 3D art since 2021. Geren's work is known for its aesthetic and emotional depth. Using innovative techniques in his creative processes, he produces unique designs that merge surrealism, brutalism and tech.

Geren'S artwork is exhibited worldwide and been featured by ELLE, L'officiel, Vogue Portugal, Tatler Magazine and many more.
21 Nov. '21 TokenEnds Exhibition (Miami - US)
1-3 April '22 Milan Art Week by Art Innovation Gallery (Piazza Gae Aulenti Milano - ITALY)
12-15 May '22 Art&Tech For Good Summit 2022 by goodspaces (MASLAK - ISTANBUL)
17 Nov. '23 NFT IST (Beyoglu - Istanbul)
22 JUN '24 Caressa Art | Artistic Integrity exhibition (BODRUM - TURKEY)
5-6-7 july '24 Kappa Futur Festival Digital Art Exhibition (Torino - Italy)
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